About me

Well what can I say?

20 plus years in mid-to-senior level recruitment would define my corporate life. 10 years with 2 global recruitment firms, building and running teams of highly motivated, high performing recruiters whilst always personally transacting senior assignments. Followed by over 10 years running my own business and doing things “a bit differently”.

I believe wholeheartedly that engaging a recruiter should become an extension of your business. I need you to welcome me into your business, to understand it, to understand the people and what makes your business special. In return I will deliver the very best service that my years of experience will allow, every assignment is hugely important to me, I really care about doing it once and doing it right. I work with all my clients on a regular basis, long-term relationships are the foundation of any business, yours and mine included.

Outside of work I am a family man, ex-rugby player, still a cricketer, football coach and half marathon runner. Measures of success?……..one of my favourite questions……….be happy, work hard, make it fun………..that is success for me.