Assessment & Consultancy Services

This service is designed to provide you with a professional, high-touch and independent evaluation of your existing staff when the need arises. Assessments are done face-to-face in an interview style, computer programmes have a place in the management of human beings but nothing replaces the personal touch when it comes to people centred issues such as objective assessment. An assessment programme can a “one off” for a specific team / peer group or can be part of a longer-term development process across multiple functions.

There are a range of issues that might be behind the need to run an assessment of a team or department, your business may be planning for growth and you need to be sure that you have building blocks solidly in place, you may have an area of your business that is underperforming and needs some external support. There is often a succession planning element to a team assessment, identifying the leaders of the future, but other factors can range from the need to drive employee motivation, to career planning, or even the desire to better understand the reasons for personality clashes and how best to navigate through this issue. In many cases all of the above, and more, may either be evident before the assessment takes place or can be uncovered through the process.

A well designed and delivered assessment will provide the individual with a chance to speak openly about their work, their career aspirations and their frustrations, making them feel valued and that their voice is being heard. You will get an independent and informed overview of each individual and their strengths and weaknesses, backed by competency evidence, and will see a picture of team dynamics and management style.

How it works

• I visit your offices for a detailed briefing typically with HR and line manager to identify the reasons for the assessment and desired outcomes, during that meeting we will agree the competency areas to be considered and the number of people to be involved.

• Within 3 working days of that meeting I will submit a proposal detailing the specific competency questions to be asked and the specific output of my reporting following the assessments.

• The assessment programme has agreed and measurable competencies at is heart, however, I aim to go further than simply ranking competency answers and ticking boxes. I am interested in the person behind the answers, their motivations, their hopes and fears, which why I include my “measures of success” element in every assessment.

• I will provide detailed and specific reporting on competency areas, areas for development and potential for each individual.

• I will also give my insight into each individuals personal motivations and career aspirations, helping the business to tailor development needs to fit the person.

• Each assessment programme includes in the reporting an overview of the teams / departments involved, the common themes identified, both positive and negative, combined with suggested actions where necessary.

• Typically the assessment will be of colleagues either in the same functional area of your business, or at the same management level across functions, where succession planning is at the core of the assessment colleagues should be across no more than 3 pay grades, ideally only 2.

Why me?

I have 15 years mid-to-senior senior management recruitment experience as well as being an experienced man-manager and leader of high performance teams, previously operating at Director Level in multi-national firms.

I have designed and managed 100s of competency based assessment programmes, this experience is backed with a Psychology Degree, a genuine interest in people and a well developed understanding of how to identify potential.

I like to think I have a professional and measured style and that I am able to build rapport quickly, enabling people to relax and open up to me……… but you will be the judge of that.